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Could Caffeine be the Solution for Your Migraines?

Could Caffeine be the Solution for Your Migraines?


I was scrolling through articles one evening and found one that advocated using caffeine to cure migraines. Specifically, the article discussed painkillers that incorporate caffeine. A picture of a pair of doctors was displayed at the top, so of course it had to be legitimate. Now, we all know that painkillers can come with a myriad of side effects. Often, their long-term use can be very harmful to our bodies.  Furthermore, it isn’t a secret that caffeine might not be good for many of us with migraines! So how should we think about caffeine?

Pills are rarely a good long-term solution

First, let me say that I become uncomfortable when I hear anyone claiming that certain pills offer a panacea.  This author argued that tablets containing caffeine “should” be used. The article went on to say that caffeine allows the body to absorb painkillers more effectively into the bloodstream. Seriously? I don’t know about you, but I have always been asked by doctors to take painkillers with food.  Second, I am not sure any of us need more caffeine. It can make sense to sometimes take certain painkillers in order to abort an episode. But we are only talking about halting symptoms temporarily. Finally, I don’t want to take any more pills. I know that most of you don’t either.

Caffeine “MAY” HELP

Websites, including this one, offer up caffeine as a way to relieve our migraine pain. Since it is a vasoconstrictor, it could help relieve inflamed arteries in your temple. Therefore, a variety of medications have been produced that contain some amount. But guess what – For some of us, completely removing caffeine can reduce the frequency and severity of migraine episodes. This is the difficulty with applying solutions that are not tailored to the individual. So, if you are set on using caffeine in order to relieve symptoms, and it doesn’t cause additional migraines, why not instead take the substance in its pure form without any added and questionable ingredients?

We should also remember that regular coffee often contains molds, toxins, and other allergens. I have found the Bulletproof brand of coffee that is certified to be free of toxins and molds. If you are able to drink it, then perhaps caffeine could work for you in relieving inflamed arteries. Experiment with just a little bit of coffee, watered down, and see what happens.

Real relief comes from finding the cause of your migraines

Let’s not add more medication just because someone says it is ok. You could be suffering from real digestive issues, with food allergies showing up as symptoms. Perhaps your migraines are occurring as a result of these digestive issues. How many of us really know whehter we are allergic to things like the molds found in coffee? Painkillers, with or without caffeine, only cause us to become dependent on yet more medicine. Coffee, while tasty to many of us, does not always translate well with our migraines. Therefore I am of the view that caffeine may help some of you. However, you will need to experiment individually to find the best way to do so.

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  • I am so grateful for your postings. I am 90 years old and the only disabilities that I have are arthritis and migraines. I have learned the triggers for migraines over the years and if I avoid them I am migraine free. My nemisis is caffeine which is both a cause and a cure.

    Your articles have motivated me to clean up my act regarding triggers and once and for all to avoid them all together. At my advanced age it is dangerous to stimulate my temporal arteries.

    • Thank You Jeanne – I am so happy to hear that you are otherwise healthy and that you found the articles useful. Caffeine can be problematic to migraineurs. To the extent there is severe intolerance to the drink itself, concentrated caffeine capsules may be the better option, if a migraine needs to be aborted. However, staying away from caffeine is certainly a good way to go.

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