Do you have these symptoms? They may be the reason for your migraines


You have an inordinate amount of gas and foul odor for one or more days, you keep belching with no end in sight, and you get tired. After about the second or third day, you get a migraine. The evening before your migraine, you get unusually tired and fall asleep much earlier than normal.  What is going on?

Writing a food journal helps keep you on track

Have you been keeping a detailed food journal? Trust me, you may think you can remember what you ate a few days ago but it becomes exceedingly impossible as time goes on. Instead, keep an accurate food journal that you update on a daily basis. This will make it much more likely that you identify the cause of your migraine.

Alright! You have detailed records of what you ate roughly 48 hours ago. Look at that line and try and identify what the cause of your migraine may have been. Eliminate this item for at least 2-4 weeks completely and see what happens.

Take the right allergy test

Food Intolerance

Stomach Allergies and Safe Foods

You should of course not consume any foods that you are allergic to. On that note, have you taken an allergy test that details which foods you may have an intolerance to? I am not talking about the regular arm or back pin-prick test. Instead, I am talking about the ALCAT Food 200 Panel Testing. This will highlight offending foods that take longer to develop inside your intestines. It shows which foods you react to over a 2-3 day period and it is done by simple blood test. For migraine sufferers, the ALCAT test is the test you need to take.

Identify stomach issues that may cause migraines

Chances are high that there is something going on in your stomach and you need to find out what it is in order to alleviate your migraines.

  • Do you have parasites, yeast?
  • Do you suffer from “leaky gut”?
  • Do you lack certain enzymes that help break down certain foods?

All of these could be underlying conditions for your migraine episodes.

Once you have taken the ALCAT test, you have to stay away from all of those items you are allergic to for 3-6 months. In addition, you need to avoid sugars and carbohydrates as much as possible. These tend to help bad bacteria grow in your stomach. Even if your ALCAT test comes back and shows that you are non-reactive to gluten, I would still avoid gluten first, along with dairy and caffeine. Gluten, above all else, has been shown to cause issues for migraine sufferers.

For instance, you may be allergic to canola oil and this is more common than you think. Did you know that the majority of canola is genetically modified? This could help explain why so many people are becoming allergic. Canola is used for many “so called” healthy products because it is widely endorsed by organizations such as the American Heart Associations. You need to carefully screen food labels for any trace canola.

Probiotics to nurture good bacteria

Lastly, start taking a non-dairy probiotic on a daily basis to rebuild the good bacteria in your stomach. You should consult with someone knowledgeable in order to find out which probiotic is right for you. In my case, I had to start with one that had 85 billion microorganisms in it. It sounds high but did you know that your intestines house around 100 trillion microorganisms.

Hopefully, these steps will eliminate issues with gas and potentially eliminate or lessen your migraines completely.

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