Cancer risk may increase from dairy, red meat, and alcohol, research finds

To the extent you suffer from migraines, dairy products may be migraine triggers. Perhaps you are already avoiding dairy, as a result. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a non-profit health organization, released research showing that certain foods and drinks, including dairy, increase cancer risks markedly. Why does this matter to us?

No surpise – Our risk for cancer increases based on what we consume

Why the cancer risk findings are important for those of us with migraines

Many of us with migraines have to avoid various foods and food groups. But unfortunately, that means that we have to include other harmful ones that could raise our risk. For example, if you suffer from SIBO, you may not be able to eat fiber at all. As a result, perhaps all you can have with your meal is protein. Therefore, you eat mostly red meat, some cheese, and other items that do not offer protection against cancer. Unfortunately, according to this new research, these foods increase your risks!

Variety of different alcohols

Assortment of different containers of alcohol

Raw red meat steak

Big, thick cut of red meat

Researchers Unveil Six Dietary Guidelines for Cancer Prevention

Different dairy products

Let’s quickly review some of the more important statistics from the research

  • Dairy, for example, increases prostate cancer by 60%, if your drink two glasses of milk daily
  • To the extent you eat the equivalent of 35 grams of dairy protein per day, your risk of cancer increases by 32%
  • Consuming at least 400mg of calcium supplements daily, your risk for fatal prostate cancer increases by 51%
  • Furthermore, consuming one alcohol drink weekly, increases the risk of mouth, pharynx, and larynx cancers by 24%
  • If you drink 2-3 alcoholic beverages per day, the risk of colorectal cancer increases by 21%
  • Consuming 120mg of red meat daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 28%
  • Consuming 120mg of red meat daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 28%

You can read more about the other findings here.

It is important to keep in mind that even if you don’t suffer from migraines, it is wise to limit the intake of certain foods and drinks purely from a health perspective.

As migraine sufferers, we are usually left holding the short stick as our friends and family continue to consume things we cannot. However, research such as this perhaps serves to provide evidence that, as a group, migraineurs are more sensitive towards toxins and certain harmful agents than those who do not suffer from migraines and we should in a way be thankful that we sometimes have to exclude certain foods and beverages.

Source:,”Researchers Unveil Six Dietary Guidelines for Cancer Prevention


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