Identifying Sinus Headaches

Sinus headaches manifest themselves with a throbbing pain in the front of your head. These headaches are caused by inflammation in your sinuses. If you are prone to allergies, you might experience these types of headaches more frequently. There is constant pressure above and below your eyes and it hurts more when you are hunched over. The sinus headache is particularly problematic prior to going to bed in the evening and is often there immediately when you wake up.

How do you know if you suffer from sinus headaches? As mentioned above, there is constant pressure above and below your eyes and the throbbing pain sits in the front of your head. Furthermore, if you bend down, the pain associated with the headache, increases substantially. The pain can also be worse in the morning since the body has been collecting mucus during your sleep without being able to discharge any of it.

Congestion and inflammation to your sinuses (“Sinustis”) are the main causes for this type of headache. These often result due to allergies or flu. Your body needs to be able to discharge the mucus in your sinuses. However, when the canals get inflamed very little draining occurs. The headache is telling you to do something drastic to relieve your sinus canals so that the mucus can drain effectively. Immediately after I get up out of the pool after swimming for about an hour, my nose starts running as if I was experiencing a really bad cold. My sinuses drain completely after each swim. Unfortunately, swimming also increases the risks that you will develop sinusitis. Ironically for me, swimming clears my sinus pathways and maybe that can work for you as well.

If you want to cure your sinus headaches, a good approach might be to install a humidifier in your bedroom. You could also use some form of saline nasal spray to open your sinus canals. Another unconventional approach that I have found to be extremely helpful is the Chinese “Qui Gong”. This ancient form of training can be used for medicinal purposes, meditation, and relaxation. Using both your hands and fingers, you apply pressure to your head, face, and neck and release tension in these areas. This can alleviate your sinus conditions if done regularly.

It is more difficult to dissipate sinus headaches as compared to either migraine or tension headaches. However, by minimizing and relieving pressure in the sinus canals, headaches will be less frequent in nature as mucus is allowed to drain. A headache tells your body that something is wrong. Where the headache occurs tells you what type of headache it is.

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