GMO producers to be punished as terrorists

Russian lawmakers have introduced draft legislation that would seek to punish GMO producers in the same way that terrorists are punished. The proposed law would provide for disciplinary action against individuals and firms, which produce or distribute harmful biotech products and government officials who fail to properly control them (1).

Sponsors of the bill say that the punishment for such deeds should be comparable to the punishment allotted to terrorists, if the perpetrators act knowingly and hurt many people.

“When a terrorist act is committed, only several people are usually hurt. But GMOs may hurt dozens and hundreds. The consequences are much worse. And punishment should be proportionate to the crime,” co-author Kirill Cherkasov, member of the State Duma Agriculture Committee told RT (2).

The punishment for being convicted of a terrorist crime currently starts at 15 years in jail and can be as long as life in prison.

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GMO producers should be punished as terrorists, Russian MPs say

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