What Do The Words “Migraine Relief” Mean to You?

Migraine relief usually means different things to different people. When I think about it, a migraine free life is where I can eat what I want and do what I want without being held back by the pains of a migraine.

Real relief is not about removing the symptoms of a headache. Most drug companies and doctors would have you believe that relief will never happen and the best you can do is resort to certain medications to improve your lifestyle. In essence, we are taught that migraine relief comes when you ingest a tablet. You need to become your own advocate by listening and responding to your body. Only then can you have a chance at real migraine relief. The path begins by trying to find the cause.

Relief means liberation and you cannot have migraine relief if you are not liberated from migraines. It takes hard work to find the causes behind your migraines, but migraine relief is a function of this work. Websites that discuss migraine relief together with medications are suspect. Furthermore, those in the medical profession that advocate popping pills for migraine relief are naïve at best and disingenuous at worst. You should be kind to your body in every respect. This means that it is always preferable to use preventative methods to arrive at complete migraine relief.

It took me a long time to find the causes behind my migraines but instead of getting migraines two or three times a week, I now get them once or twice per month. This is real migraine relief. I suggest you start by writing a detailed food journal every day. Remove any items from your diet that you think might be acting as triggers and re-introduce each one by itself over a period of one week to see the effects of that particular food. Please read the following article on our site for a guide to foods that you should remove from your diet initially (“The Cause of Migraines”). The road to migraine relief is long but worth traveling.


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    I read a book “Heal Your Headache” and it implied that you don’t have to have head pain as in a headache to be a migraine sufferer. What is you opinion on this. I am in the early stages of identifing triggers but do not have the so called headaches. I have other symptoms that coincide with migraines. I have just discovered your site and so far I like what I see.


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      Hi Van,

      When you get a migraine, you definitely know. In my case, I get really tired and feel slightly nauseous and the headache comes later. However, the headache is very painful and sits on either side above the eyes. In addition, the headache can be bursts of pain shooting back and forth and not necessarily continuous.

      The good thing is that when you start feeling tired and slightly nauseous , you can do something about the coming migraine before the actual headache occurs.

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